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16th-Jan-2013 07:31 am(no subject)
I wanted to save this quote from a buddy of mine- Jude Hunt, a guy from Myrtle Beach who had these kind words for me when I told him I was no longer going to be performing as the schools mascot.

Sorry to hear that.  For what it is worth, I think that you did a better job as Chauncey than any other.  I know that my kids still think that the day that their Dad got Chauncey to come sit with them in the bleachers was one of the best times ever.  Because of that, Chauncey is better than just about any other mascot in the world.  The Cow (Chik-fil-A), Sharky (Ripley's Aquarium), Ramses (UNC), heck... even Mickey Mouse himself are all mere shadows in their eyes when compared to Chauncey, and that is all because of you. 

My oldest son (4yrs old at the time) once looked at the Liberty mascot and he said, "Daddy, Chauncey would beat him up wouldn't he?"  With a smile in my heart, I replied, "Of course he would, son."  My son will hopefully carry those memories with him and they will quite possibly lead him to CCU one day.  Tim, all of that is because of you.  You did a great job!
16th-Jan-2013 03:29 am(no subject)
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20th-Jun-2012 03:01 pm(no subject)

I havent updated in forever.
I just want to write down my feelings.

I am super nostolgic lately. I keep looking at old pictures, wishing I was back at those good times.
I hate that for me. I am only sort of happy right now, I shouldnt have to look back and wonder what if?
I know I need to get my shit together, graduate college, and get a big boy job.
But whats the fucking rush? Pleanty of people are graduated and are having a hard time getting a job.
America is turning in to shit slowly.
I want to be a physical education teacher. While some see that as a "What the fuck are you thinking?" kind of job,
it's something I am stoked about. Kids are so fat that they need someone to get them interested in exercise.
For now. I really enjoy bartending. I make good money, and I know that I will get back to school.

Back to the nostolgia point,

I have fucked up some relationships in the past,
There were three great women in my life, and basically all three are gone.
I miss Desiree all the time. It hurts so much, I cant even look at those pictures.
I cry about her, even though I probably won't ever see her again.
I tell myself she's gone. I just hate that there's nothing with us now.

I fucked up big time with Mary.
She was the best friend anyone could ever ask for.
She knew me inside and out.
I made a dumb drunk mistake that I have to live with forever.
Shit. This post is turning into such a "Fuck me sideways" post.

I dont even know what to really say about Sarah.
She is great. I mean, I actually get her. She is just so naturally awesome.
But she had some unfortunate events happen to her, and that ultimately affects me.
I know she likes me. But I dont think she will ever trust another guy again.
I don't think I am even good enough for her, anyway.
Its really not fair when its a low middle class dude tries to impress a high class girl.
Though girls claim "its not about wealth"... it indeed is.
I can give her everything except money. Thats why, I feel, she resists me.

I'm rambling. Fuck.

 R/R/R time


I wasted too much money this summer. I need 1100 bucks now. NOW. Well make that 1,000. I'm saving everything from here on out.  I'm an idiot when it comes to money, especially cash. If I was getting paid in checks every 2 weeks, i'd be okay. but I always have cash and I always spend it. FML. I'll be okay,

Beer. Beer is the shit. At Fridays, people ask me if such and such liquor drink is good. I don;t fucking know. I know that a tall Yang (Yeungling)  fuckin rules. But other than that, I gotta say I really enjoy working at Fridays. I met some of the coolest kids there. and I love that we can go out drinking after work. They are all funny and we all get along. Its awesome. Money might suck there sometimes, but I look forward to work every day. Not too many people can honestly say that. I have kickass managers as well. Doc is the fucking man. Too funny. Katie is awesome, Christopher is my favorite gay man, i think. 

The Scene pretty much..
Man Overboard's album "Real Talk" is leeeeeeeegit
Four Year Strong is awesome too
individual songs
"Chelsea Dagger" Fratellis, i know its old but I love it.
Check out "Detroit" by Fireworks. Good song. real catchy.

Alrighty done.

Man it's been a while!

+Car. In my posession. w00t.
+Job! TGI Fridays.
+Greg is moving down in a week!!! double w00t

I'm just not sure about my mood.. I feel good. I feel decent. I look absolutely sexy.
I miss some people.
Some people are coming down to seeeeeeeee meeeeeeee soon!
Harlon, one of my bestest friends in the history of bestest friends will be staying with me for a week in June!
Lets rant/rave/rock

Sick of ESPN. Nothin' but LeBron talks. Fuck LeBron. He's got a month 1/2 till he signs with a different team.
Lets get off his nuts and focus on the final 4 NBA teams. And the final 4 NHL teams. Jeeze.
I just hate how much every story is blown out of proportion. Every detail is talked about for a good hour.
I listen to ESPNradio in my car (because no cd player, or ipod adapter, yet) and they just TALK and TALK about the same shit for hours.
Lets talk about interesting shit, ya know? Like The old nWo rivalry in wrestling (5th grade memories..yess)

I'm the man. The fucking man. I knew yesterday I was gona land the job at TGI Fridays. Here's why.
Woke up, morning sex, bangin' breakfast. Beautiful day. Bought new socks, on sale!
 Stopped by the  RedBox. Scored a copy of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Fo free. Promo Code. Woooooo!
The drive to Fridays is like 25ish minutes. The drive up there treated me to a few AWESOME songs.
"Sabotage"-Beastie Boys. "Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap"-AC/DC and some others I cant remember.
I pull into the food lion next to Fridays, had like 20 mins. to kill. Powerade=80 cents. WHAT! Sick.
Got in the car, drove to fridays, had the music on silent. I found a space and said
"Okay, if theres a kickass song on the radio, I will know it's my day." Boom. Spin Doctors "Two Princes"
Girl's cute.
Made her laugh. A lot.
Personality test.
Who's got the best personality?
This guy.
I passed. What? No shit.
Hey, Job offer. I'll take it!
Dairy Queen to celebrate.

Lovinnnnnnnnnnn life.

"Things that Rhyme with Orange" -I Set My Friends on Fire.
(Their only good song, as of now)
"Island"-The Starting Line
"This Addiction" Alkaline Trio
"TV In The Radio" Wale w/ K'naan
"Take two and Pass" Gang Starr

Get ittttt


its 3 am.... feeling all sorts of feelings.

im growing more desperate for a girlfriend. I really dont have a best buddy anymore.
Sam is awesome but I dont see her as much as i used to.
I dont know. I just feel like im always asking myself "What the fuck am I doing on this earth?"

As I sit in class, I wonder why the fuck we do all the things we do.

Why am I learning about drug facts? I know what the fuck drugs do.

i dono. ive had some highs lately.

seeing thrice and brand new in concert was totally fucking insanly awesomeeeeeeeee

had an overall good weekend. still not meeting any girls.

if anyone at all has stumbled across this LJ, just know that I am most deserving of a girlfriend.

I'm a fucking good guy. I sometimes think i should be more of an asshole.
girls tend to like asshole deusch bags.

its fucking weird.

i dont know.
ive been listening to a lot of bands that are linked to Brand New lately
Glassjaw, Manchester Orchestra,

good shtuff

but im going to bed.


21st-Sep-2009 11:13 pm(no subject)
im sad as a mofo.

i need a girlfriend.


sarah maxey is a slut.


its high time.

just hangin out listening to some tracks from the upcoming Brand New album, "Daisy."
it sounds pretty good.. similar to TDAGARIM...
I'm def in a Brand New mood..


Feeling very fatigued, a little depressed, and deff. lonely.

I am missing a girl so hard right now.
Shes 8 hours away and its the wooooorrrrrrst.

I just cant do a long distance relationship.
It's just not a good thing to do.
Theres always trust issues..
nobody likes hearing that you have a bf or gf at a different school.
Thats just so hard to pull off sucessfully.
especially when our plans arent very similar.
But i like this girl so much. I havent met a girl i can talk to for hours,
and it is actually interesting convo.
I just want to be where she is, or her where I am.
Theres so many things preventing that though.
I dono im just madd lonely right now. 

I hang out by myself more than ever.
I'm more comfortable with going to the campus dining facility and eating alone.
I'm OK with riding my bike and blasting music on my iPod,
and I dont think its a big deal to be independent

Every day of my life i've longed to be the most recognized person.
the coolest dude around.
but that shit doesnt really matter.
I am not talking about just sraight up popularity.
But for people to acknowledge I'm a legit dude.

So I don't have any qualms with eating, studying, walking, or just being,
But sometimes I just want to have a companion to hang with.
I don't know really. I just sometimes feel like a toal loser.
Like I'm just not there.

And I've also learned,
that no matter how someone looks on the outside,
they probably have as many problems as I do.
So many people are more than likely upset with themselves
and the situation they are in.
I think everyone wants to have a LJ so they can write their feelings.
But most people don't want that perception that they are flawless.
Everyone has flaws, but some are so discreet we don't think to notice them.

You can look at anyone. And 9/10 times you can look into someones eyes
and see that they are missing something, or they are hurt.
So this means nobody is better than someone else.
I'd rather be broke and happy,
than rich and sad.
Cliche, it may be. But its the fucking truth.

OK I think I've made a few good points.

"Success and nothin' less"- Snoop Dogg

i fucking hate people.
i am such a goddamn nice guy
i dont talk shit about people behind their backs
i fucking do favors like crazy
i respect everyone
i am a fucking good person

fuck you assholes who think you can just walk all over me.

i finally get a night off and decide to allow you to come over and drink beer. MY FUCKING BEER.
i am that nice of a guy.

heyy what sounds better than coming? NOT coming.
fuck you assholes that dont show up.

what are your excuses?
none of your family members died. so you're automatically an asshole.
fuck you. fuck you.
i hate the goddamned world.

i am sick of assholes who think they run shit.

i wanted a good time.
instead i call the girl of my dreams in tears. embarassing myself like crazy.
i am never like this. i am always more positive than HIV.
but what the fuck is wrong with the world?

i work at a fucking mcdonalds
i have no car
im riding a borrowed bike
i am in broke city
i prob will have to miss this semester due to money.
fuck my life.

i went on a date with a smokin hot girl.
shit was good.
she said shed be down for another date.
guess shes not down for talking to me.
fucking katie callahan. what the fuck is your goddamn problem with me
i paid for your shit. i asked all about you. cause i was fucking interested.
fuck you for ignoring my texts.
you ADD psycho fucking bitch.
i dont want to date you anyways,
you fucking suck at life.

good. im listening to Brand New. They always get me out of funks.
but im still pissed. i am gonna change. for reals. im talkin serious badass shit.
I think im gona get a tattoo.
i just want something to fucking break me out of this pussy-land ive been living in.

does anyone read this shit? 

i feel like im typing this out for the blind
fuck it whatever i just had to vent.

HAD to.
fuck life.
fuck your good life.
hows that car?
i get exercise on myyy bike.
fucking joke city.

its 1 30 AM.
i hate you.
i hate everything about you.

why cant we all have it good?
cause God fucking hates us, boys and girls.
God gave us 9/11. AIDS. Depression. Terrorism.

Thats why.
fuck you Big Man. If you werent so busy making Oprah and Bill Gates rich,
you'd be helping my family. and me. fucking shit.

passed out on the overpass
sundays best and broken glass
broken down from the bikes and bars
suspended like spirits over speeding cars

brand new= truth

peace out live journal world.


I'm not high. I'm just feeling goofy.

But think about this shit.

Why do we do the things we do?


This world is soo huge. There are trillions of people on the earth.

What makes you think you''re so goddamned significant?

We see people die. And the world turns without them. It may stop for  a breather, but it keeps going baby.

Fucking weird stuff has been all over my brain.

Why do we give handshakes to greet? Who started that fucking trend?
And why do we have trends? How did the first trend become a trend?


Why do we eat the foods we do?

Why do we work at the places we work.

Why cant we already have money in the first place?

Why is money so goddamn necessary?

I just feel like none of the thoughts i have in my mind will ever be answered.
I havent slept in 20 hours. I am a zombie.

I dont know what else to say so I will just leave it be.

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